Evangeline grew up in church - spending every week, and sometimes every night in service. It wasn't until her son was undergoing a bone marrow transplant that for the first time in her life she had no access to church. As she cared for her son 12 hours away from family and friends, she developed a loved for TV ministry, for during these months the weekly broadcasters become her church and her pastors. From this time, Evangeline has held a burning passion to teach, preach, and spread the gospel through TV ministry. 

"Evangeline Inman & Cornerstone Worship" was birthed from this passion. A thirty-minute TV show where believers and unbelievers are encouraged in their faith and reminded of God's love for them through worship and preaching. For the past two years, "Evangeline Inman & Cornerstone Worship" has been airing three times a week throughout the UK to over 14 million households. As of September 2017, our TV show launched in 125 new countries, reaching over 250 million Russian speaking people around the globe - including once a week in Israel. 

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